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Welcome to the Middle Youth Information Page. We are so glad that you are participating in our youth group this year. In addition to all the fun things in which we participate, the Middle Youth Fellowship has an important and active role in our worship service each Sunday. It is your responsibility to 'bring in the light of God' to begin the service through what we call being an acolyte.

The definition of ACOLYTE is: 1. an altar attendant in public worship, 2. assistant to cleric: somebody, especially a young person, who assists a member of the clergy in the performance of rites.

Carrying the lit candle lighter into the service symbolizes God's presence entering the sanctuary and calls everyone to remember that the service's purpose is wholly to honor God. Bringing the light out of the sanctuary and into the vestibule represents to everyone that they are to spread the light of God to the world. We are not to leave God's influence sitting in the sanctuary during the remaining six days of the week.

Since having an acolyte each Sunday is so vital to Amelia's worship service, it is very important to have, and follow, a schedule. It is the responsibility of each Middle Youth member perform their duties as an acolyte. It is your service to God, to your church, and to yourself. Being an acolyte is an equal responsibility and joy for each Middle Youth, and each person should and will have the same responsibilities throughout the year to participate in Amelia's Worship Services.

If you have any questions or concerns about being an acolyte contact Brittany Jackson (Youth Minister).  If you are unable to acolyte on your scheduled Sunday(s), please contact Brittany or make arrangements with another youth to switch dates. Below are the guidelines for performing the duties of an acolyte and the current schedule.


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